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New Site

Trying out Google’s blogspot for a while.  I’ve repost a few articles there.  So far it seems to be able to do the same plus more.  Knock on wood!  Hopefully I’ll stop relocating my blog. Go to my new site.

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Anything Is Possible – APKT

Just as I was utterly astonished by SFLY’s price action yesterday, I jokingly tweeted that may be the after hours earnings selloff in APKT could pull the same miracle.  Behold! APKT was down 15% after hours last night.  After a … Continue reading

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Again, Head & Shoulder Pattern Should Be Tossed

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again.  Head & shoulder pattern is so unreliable that it’s only useful by the pros to manipulate retail traders. INFN was up 10.4% after hours at 8.05.  Fortunately, this was a story … Continue reading

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Earnings, They Know the Numbers – Not

Often we hear people say, “they” know the numbers because a stock or the market moved a certain way the day before the event.  It’s mostly not the case.   Even if that is indeed the case, there is no … Continue reading

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Don’t Chase – There Is Always Another Trade

It’s almost without exception: whenever I entered a trade emotionally without planning, I’d get punished.  Today I kept pondering the prospects of a double top on SPY on the daily chart.  I was away from the streamer for a while … Continue reading

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Use Seasonality to Optimize Timing

While technical analysis may be the only tool many traders use to place trades, seasonality can be used to further increase a traders odds. Source: Buy in October. Or September if you have bigger appetite.  September is the weakest … Continue reading

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CPST Setup

I held CPST in my IRA account in the 1.20’s since Janurary of 2011.  I exited the majority of my shares at 1.67 and again at 2.00.   I held the remaining 1,500 shares and forgot about it.   Today, … Continue reading

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